Contemporary Art and its Market

Online Class

Taught by Sofia Urbina


“This course is a chance for all those interested in the Contemporary Art Market.

Not only for those who want to learn and understand more about the mechanisms behind the market or knowing how to successfully purchase artworks; but also, for those who want to initiate themselves to this wonderful world. This course contains relevant information for anyone who is part of the contemporary art market. From artists, to art gallerists, curators, art critics, art dealers, art consultants, auction houses or art fair managers.”

Sofia Urbina

The online course is made up of 7 lessons.
It’s the result of more than 20 years of expertise and market insights which is an added value to the learning about contemporary art.

In this course you’ll be able to learn more about:

Lesson 1: Introduction to Contemporary Art

We will study in detail what  contemporary art is. 

Lesson 2: How the Art Market Works

We will study contemporary art market operations and its main agents.

Lesson 3: Valuations of works of Art

We will study about valuations of artworks, how to give an approximated price to an artwork  and how to obtain a precise one with an expert. 

Lesson 4: The Art of selling Art

We will talk about the ways to sell an artwork and how to make strategic deals.

Lesson 5: Art and Finance

We will talk about the finances in creating an art business, in which I’ll define the main expenses as well as different ways to financing the acquisition of artworks.

Lesson 6: Art as a form of investment

We will go deeper in the topic of finances in the art market by studying art funds as a very attractive way of investing  and how to get high profits.

Lesson 7: Art and Law

We will review the important laws applied in the art market.

You want to learn more about the mechanisms behind the art market and its finances?

This course is tailored made for you!

Course’s Overview:

The course is composed of 7 lessons providing all the detailed explanation about what is Contemporary Art – how it began, and its characteristics.

Sofia defines the Contemporary Art Market by enlightening:

  • How this specific market functions exactly

  • Why prices can go up so quickly

  • How an artist has to positions him/herself to be successful

  • Who controls the market and who are its key players

Key Intakes:


You will also learn how to sell artworks by understanding their value in the market and the stakeholders’ role. In addition, you will learn how to valuate an artwork, both at a public and private level.

You will be able to master the steps for a successful art sale, thanks to real life examples.

Moreover, you will find out everything about the intersection between finance and art:

  • How big galleries work at an economic level

  • What makes art a great investment

  • Which things you should take into consideration when investing in art: the economy around it and the role of art funds.

Finally, you will learn about applied law to art, artists rights, the dangers of appropriation, plagiarism and falsifications; and different regulations regarding resale rights, imports and exports and donations and sponsorships.


Every lesson is explained with real-life examples, anecdotes and first-hand experiences. Including detailed researches and investigations, this course is a great opportunity to learn about art and business, or to expand your knowledge in this interesting field.

You’d like to know how to make strategic art purchases and successful investments?

This course is tailored made for you!


“I was always looking forward to class! It was a great opportunity to explore my interests and learn about the art world from a business perspective. Throughout the course, Miss Urbina was very inspirational and showed great wisdom. For me, it was the perfect combination of theory and reality.”
Claudia C. Nagel (21)

4th year BBA Student, IE University

« For a student, there are very few more inspiring things than listening to a professor, as passionate as Sofia, talk about the topic they love. Her expertise has enabled me to understand what incentivises different actors in the art market, appreciate the intricacies of the business, and has changed the way I perceive art altogether. »
Elvinas Jonaitis (25)

Graduate Student in Law and Finance at the University of Oxford.

« Art has always been a big interest of mine. Nevertheless, until my « Art as a form of Investment » course at IE University the art world was uncomprensible and unknown. This subject enlightenment me and gave the set of substantial guidelines needed to understand the complex art environment. In just 3 months as students we completed a journey, led by Sofia, that yielded not only the capacity to invest in the best pieces but also to grasp the different players and techniques inside this world. Moreover, the seminar was taught in a very dynamic and interesting way. For instance, the concepts seen were applied and taught in different surroundings, not only inside the classroom but also by going to an artists’ studio, museums and private collections. Without a doubt it was an honor to receive classes from such a talented professional, who is very dedicated to here students and who neverendingly lent a hand and clarified any doubts. Even after finishing the course she has always been very attentive and available for all of us.« 

Magdalena Fernández Padrón (23)

4th year, IE University, BBA

“Thanks to Sofía’s class, what used to be only a curiosity for art and investment to me, has become a real passion transformed into a deep interest towards this new world.
Mostly by learning how to understand it from both an aesthetical and economic point of view.”

Nacho Marín (22)

4th year BBA Student, IE University

« Art as a form of investment was an
exceptionally enriching class, taught by
Sofia Urbina; an expert in the field.
Each week she brought with her a
wealth of knowledge and experience to
deliver engaging lectures that any
student sat in her class felt privileged to
learn from.
One of the fondest memories I turn to
was seeing the art world through the
eyes of a contemporary art dealer
during our trip to ArcoMadrid. This
module completely transformed my
understanding of the art world. It was
truly an invaluable experience and I
owe that to Sofia! »

Chiamaka Okafor (21)

4th year Politics and International Relations Student, University of Exeter

« The perfect definition for this course would be that it is a full experience, it combines the right amount of theoretical knowledge and the right amount of real-life experience. The professor was fully committed with the students and the course, bringing visual materials and examples as well as sharing her knowledge acquired by many years of experience. Overall the course was one of the best I took in my degree and one of the most rewarding ones looking back at the knowledge I acquired. »

Miguel Movilla Granero (22)

Bachelor in Business Administration IE University.

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For Artists, Unemployed, Students and people over 65.

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Who Should Take an Online course about contemporary art?

Anybody who’s interested in learning more about contemporary art, there’s no age limit when you’re passionate. Online courses provide a flexibility allowing students, adults and professionals from different age groups and backgrounds to join the class and learn more at their convenience.

Are there any prerequisites?

There are no prerequisites although, the course is conducted in English, therefore students need to be at ease with the language.

Do I need specific equipment or buy text books?

The recommendations are to have a computer or a connected screen with a good internet connection, in addition to an up-to-date browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer). No particular text books are needed.

How long is the course?

The course is made of 7 lessons which together last for 6 hours and 26 minutes.

How often should I attend the Online course?

It is up to the student to complete the course at his most preferable pace. There are no time limits, once you purchase the course it is unlimitedly accessible to you.

When should I start the course?

You can decide to start the course whenever it’s the most convenient for you. In this online course there are no deadlines, it’s up to you to organize your learning experience.

How does the online learning works?

First you need to go the website, register and process to the payment. Then you’ll be given all the course’s resources which you’ll be free to study and go back to at any time.

Are there any exams?

There are no midterm nor final exams. The online course provides you with the knowledge and relies on your aptitudes to memorize it without being tested.

Do the course provides a diploma or certificates?

A personalized certificate will be edited on demand after your completion of the course.

Who should I contact if I have questions during the lessons?

You’re welcome to email any questions you have about the course to us directly:

How and when should I register?

Registration is available through the website You should register whenever is more convenient for you.

What are the terms and conditions?

Please visit our Terms and Conditions page for details.

Can I get a refund if I’m not able to attend the online course?

We truly believe that as you’ll have an unlimited access to the course, you’ll be likely to attend it at your convenience and therefore we don’t believe any refunds are needed. 

Do you provide financial help or payment plans?

The great quality of the course is available for the most accessible price for everyone. Therefore, we’re afraid we won’t be able to provide any financial help per se, although for any particular inquiry feel free to email Sofia directly:

What if I encounter some problems during payment?

We apologize in advance if this situation was to happen. We encourage you to reach out to your bank as permission may be required to complete the payment. You’re also welcome to email us if you encounter any external issues:

What are the different payment methods?

You’ll be able to process the course’s payment through direct payment or credit card payment with stripe. 

Can I get an invoice for the course?

If desired, you’re welcome to email for any invoice inquiry which we’ll be happy to provide. 

What are the advantages of an online course?

Attending an online course is a great opportunity to learn more about a new topic whenever, wherever and at the pace you want. There is no academic pressure, as Sofia believes her students are proactive all along the learning process. 

How can this online course enhance my career?

This course about contemporary art and its market provided by a trusted teacher and professional in the contemporary art industry, demonstrates to employers that you have enhance your soft skills so as built a strong and certified knowledge about contemporary art.